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Chad Rubin and the band Breezy out of Scottsdale, Arizona are hitting the southwest with a multi-genre wave of new original music that blends and lends to a fun ride for showgoers and listeners alike. "the audience really got to know Chad and his band throughout their set as it seemed to have been telling a detailed story." whether it be solo looping or with his mega-talented band, Chad brings quality musicianship w/ high energy to each performance. with a strong résumé of residencies and national tours, along with a discography of over 30 original songs, the band is looking for more opportunities to share their original music and play new stages. this 2021 bud light emerging artist is back in the studio with his band after his album 'feels,' gave for a fun year of shows and opportunities. a strong opener for many genres with a following to be able to sell nationally, this band is a great addition to any bill.

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Meanwhile, he was putting the finishing touches on a diverse album that jets him to distant lands of the music world, from indie-pop to reggae to old-soul to Bealtesland, often with echoes of Jason Mraz and Jack Johnson. Sanity is one of the album’s standouts, with a Death Cab for Cutie meets Twenty One Pilots feel.” - Tom M. Scanlon


Chad has built a substantial catalog which includes a bevy of magnetically appealing singles which have a distinct pop sound that captures the elements of its sub-genres and also infuses undertones of other genres, a testament to the diverse background of music Chad has been exposed to over his life leaving his listeners waiting for the next chapter.”

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It takes less than five minutes of scouring through Chad Rubin’s Spotify page to realize that he is an uber-talented musician. Not only does he have a great voice, but I also like how artistic he is.” - Quincy

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